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County Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA: June 16, 1974


Another iconic show that’s been commercially released as part of the “Road Trips” series. This marathon 3-hour show from the summer of ’74 absolutely deserves the full “remix and release” treatment. However, like many of the commercially-released shows on dead.net, this one’s sold out, too. To boot, only a handful of tracks from this show were even available on that release to begin with.

This week on The Dead Zone, we feature all of Set 2 from this show, from “U.S. Blues” to an inspired 29-minute “Playing in the Band.”

Stream the whole shebang below. Guaranteed to make you hit the Wall of Sound head-on. Or let it hit you. Whichever.

The Dead Zone is a weekly one hour (or so) internet show highlighting live Grateful Dead shows through the ages. We feature shows from the earliest days straight through the last dates in the mid-90’s. We definitely have our favorites, and we know you have yours, too. We haven’t heard ’em all, but we’d sure like to try, so if you have a favorite show you’d like us to feature on a future show, e-mail brett@thedead.zone today.

Photo by Jim Duell used under the following license.