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RFK Stadium, Washington D.C., June 10, 1973

stub RFK 1973

A ridiculously long show, clocking in at an insane 4 hours and 35 minutes. This monster took place in the summer of ’73, when long shows were part of the norm for The Grateful Dead. They played three huge sets this day, the second of two double-bills they played with the Allman Brothers Band.

I was torn over which part of this show to feature on this week’s Dead Zone. There’s a wonderful, trippy meandering jam through “Dark Star>He’s Gone>Wharf Rat,” but I opted for the slightly more upbeat “Birdsong>Playing in the Band” that ends set 1 and the “Eyes of the World>Stella Blue” that open set 2. A great soundboard mix, too. (The above image is a stub from the day before, but hey, close enough, right?)

A few Allmans join the Dead for part of set 3, too. Check out the whole giant steaming bowl of awesomeness below.

Sports Palace, Barcelona, Spain: October 19, 1981

One from the early 80’s-era, and the first featured show on The Dead Zone from outside the U.S. This show in Barcelona was the last of 14 European dates the Grateful Dead played in October before heading back stateside to finish out 1981. During our show on JEMP Radio, we highlighted most of the second… Continue Reading