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Winterland, San Francisco, CA: February 24, 1974


Another San Francisco show, this time a marathon show from the Winterland Ballroom in February of 1974, the last of a 3-show run at the fabled 5400-seat theater. This was shortly before the Dead unveiled their Wall of Sound concert rig at the Cow Palace the following month.

On this week’s installment of The Dead Zone, we pulled from the first set, “Jack Straw,” through “Playin’ in the Band,” including a fabulous “China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider.”

The Dead’s 2nd sets have always seemed “meatier” to me overall. And that’s the case with this show, too, actually. A comparatively rare “Weather Report Suite” (played often throughout late ’73 and all of ’74, then never again), and a monster “Dark Star>Morning Dew” are the 2nd set highlights. But I felt a little guilty not having featured any first sets for a while on the show, so we went with some Set 1 stuff this time around.

This show was just released as the latest in the Dave’s Picks series, but the limited release of 16,500 copies is already sold out. Luckily, the good people at archive.org have made the show streamable in its entirety below. Great mix, too. You dig it the most.

Photo by Felix E. Guerrero used under the following license.

Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco: February 14, 1968

A great early “hometown” show from Valentine’s Day, 1968. This is one of the first shows that featured a lot of “new at the time” songs from the Grateful Dead’s formative years. This is one of the truly legendary shows, rumored to be a favorite of Phil Lesh, and released a couple years ago commercially… Continue Reading