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The Palladium, Hollywood, CA: August 6, 1971


Another California show, this classic from 1971 was another widely traded audience tape that has since seen several soundboard and matrix versions crop up at archive.org. So stellar a show from that summer, that it was released as part of the Road Trips series a while back, but as is so often the case, it’s sold out, so luckily, the stream lives on.

It’s funny. The past few weeks I’ve picked my show for the weekly Dead Zone episode — one that’s new to these ears — and thinking I’ve picked one that’s off the beaten track, only to find that it’s already been released commercially. No matter. As I’ve said many times, there are plenty out there, I haven’t heard ’em all, but I’d sure like to try. And I can check one more off the list this week.

Part of Set 1 and the beginning of Set 2 are the featured section this week, with an iconic “Hard to Handle” to start us off, and “Casey Jones” to close the first set. Set 2 opens with “St. Stephen,” and our Dead Zone show takes it on through “Sugar Magnolia,” but the rest of the show is well worth a listen below, with “Morning Dew,” and a 20-plus minute “Lovelight” to close it. Please enjoy.

Photo by Bright Vibes used under the following license.