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Cape Cod Coliseum, So. Yarmouth, MA: Oct. 27, 1979


The first show we’ve featured from 1979, and a great time to bust into what was a great year for live Grateful Dead. I just heard about the new 80-disc box set that’ll be released in September, a collection that will feature one live show from every year the Dead performed. There are a lot of shows that are off the beaten track, as well as some shows that we’ve actually featured here on The Dead Zone in previous installments.

This week’s show is one of the former – an underrated show from Cape Cod Coliseum, and we’re highlighting the end of Set 1 and beginning of Set 2… The first set ending with “Lost Sailor” and “Deal,” and the second opening with “Dancing in the Streets,” and heading into “Franklin’s Tower” (no Help>Slipknot! on this one), before blazing through “He’s Gone” and “The Other One.” Enjoy the whole shebang below, and be listening to future installments of The Dead Zone in the coming weeks, as we check out some of the other featured shows from that upcoming collection.

Photo by Thomas Hawk used under the following license.

Oakland Coliseum Arena: December 28, 1988

Another hometown show from the Bay Area legends. If you’re a longtime fan and listener of the Dead, you know their live shows spanned a wide range of moods… Some shows definitely delved into the weird and dark, others were lively and upbeat. This late-80’s nugget from Oakland was definitely the latter, with more staples… Continue Reading

Stanley Theater, Jersey City, NJ: September 28, 1972

I’m not even sure how I happened by this show from fall of 1972, but it’s a ripper start-to-finish. This was the final show of a colossal three-night stand the Dead did at this 4300-seat venue which first opened in 1928 in Jersey City, New Jersey. So colossal a run of shows this was, that… Continue Reading