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Fillmore East, New York, NY: November 16, 1970


IMG_0877[1]This week’s show was inspired by a gift I received recently. A generous and thoughtful friend of mine sent me a “Still-Sealed” condition copy of The Grateful Dead’s seminal 1970 studio album, American Beauty.

Holy crap.

He’s had it in his collection — where it has remained unopened — since he bought it 37 years ago. From “Box of Rain” to “Truckin’,” and “Sugar Magnolia” to “Ripple,” AB contains some of the Dead’s most iconic staples, not to mention one of their very few radio hits (“Truckin'” made it to #62). So, in honor of this inspired gift, I went for a show that took place the same month that Beauty was released, November, 1970. Specifically, November 16th, from the Fillmore East in New York. Traffic was in town for shows at the Fillmore on the 18th and 19th, and Steve Winwood joins the Dead on Pigpen’s Hammond organ for “Hard to Handle” through “Not Fade Away.”

Before this album showed up on my doorstep, I hadn’t heard this show before. Love that the Dead can still surprise me. Enjoy!

Fillmore East, New York, NY: February 11, 1970

If you’re not familiar with this show, I almost don’t want to tell you what you’ll hear, lest it would ruin the surprise. If you’re anything like me and my other audiophile friends, you’ve probably had those late-night-weirdness conversations that have begun, “You know who I’d have loved to see jam together?” Followed by hours… Continue Reading