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Miami Arena, Miami, FL: October 26, 1989


Another week, another sneak-preview treat from next month’s 30 Trips Around the Sun box set… This week’s featured show was the last night of 1989’s fall tour, from Miami Arena. And we found a great, GREAT mix of the show online, too. Easily one of, if not THE best, “Dark Star” jams of the period. The whole show is pretty solid, in addition. Enjoy the jam.


Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI: May 14, 1978

Our first featured show from ’78 is another from the 30 Trips box set… A fast-paced tear through the second half of Set 2 from the Providence Civic Center. A pretty straightforward “Estimated Prophet” gives way to the fastest “Eyes of the World” I’ve ever heard, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less cerebral. “Not… Continue Reading

Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, ME: July 3, 1988

Big week for us Deadheads, huh? The scuttle all week has been Fare The Well… Two shows in Santa Clara, and this weekend’s triple-whammy in Chicago. At this writing, I’m hours from heading “in ta town” to the State Theatre in Portland, Maine to join the other Deadheads of Maine to watch the simulcast of… Continue Reading

Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY: May 8, 1977

May 8, 1977… Not a lot to say about this show that hasn’t already been said. Some say it was THE Grateful Dead concert… the best they ever played. Some say, “Nah. Overrated.” Maybe there were shows you liked better, and maybe this is “The Show” for you. Either way, it was a damn fine… Continue Reading