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San Diego Int’l Sports Arena, San Diego, CA: November 14, 1973


Our first Dead Zone post/episode in the PFTW era (Post-Fare Thee Well)… I thoroughly enjoyed every last note of the Chicago shows, with Friday being my favorite night of the run… My wife and I went to a local theater that showed the simulcast, and had an absolute blast… It was a right-sized crowd, and the vibe was as Kind as could be… And the music? Whoo! Stellar.

So we’re back in earnest this week, with another show to be featured in the upcoming 80-disc box set 30 Trips Around the Sun. Welcome to November 14, 1973 from the San Diego international Sports Arena… On this week’s episode of The Dead Zone on JEMP Radio, we featured a great run of songs from the second set, from the “Truckin'” opener to “Wharf Rat.” Along the way, the fellas weave in and out of “The Other One,” while regaling us with great versions of “Big River” and “Eyes of the World” along the way.

Stream that bad boy in its entirety below. You dig it the most.

Photo used under the following license.