Cape Cod Coliseum, So. Yarmouth, MA: Oct. 27, 1979

The first show we’ve featured from 1979, and a great time to bust into what was a great year for live Grateful Dead. I just heard about the new 80-disc box set that’ll be released in September, a collection that will feature one live show from every year the Dead performed. There are a lot… Continue Reading

Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN: June 7, 1991

I never got a chance to get to any of the Dead’s Deer Creek shows in the 90’s, but I had friends who saw several of them, and everybody came back with a story. This one was the second of two nights the Grateful Dead played in the summer of ’91. In this episode of… Continue Reading

Fillmore East, New York, NY: November 16, 1970

  This week’s show was inspired by a gift I received recently. A generous and thoughtful friend of mine sent me a “Still-Sealed” condition copy of The Grateful Dead’s seminal 1970 studio album, American Beauty. Holy crap. He’s had it in his collection — where it has remained unopened — since he bought it 37… Continue Reading

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO: August 12, 1987

A rockin’ good show from Red Rocks in this week’s episode of The Dead Zone. For this week’s installment on JEMP Radio, we gave you all of Set 2, a bright, solid rocker all the way. The band sounded tight from “China/Rider” straight through “Lovelight.” “Drums/Space” was ample, but not extensive, and we got a… Continue Reading

Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY: May 8, 1977

May 8, 1977… Not a lot to say about this show that hasn’t already been said. Some say it was THE Grateful Dead concert… the best they ever played. Some say, “Nah. Overrated.” Maybe there were shows you liked better, and maybe this is “The Show” for you. Either way, it was a damn fine… Continue Reading

Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI: July 19, 1989

Monday, May 4th is the date for another annual Grateful Dead one-off: 2015’s Meetup at the Movies, where select theaters nationwide show a Grateful Dead concert film, and fellow Deadheads can come out and fraternize, chill, and enjoy some tunes. This year’s show is a never-before-seen concert from July 19, 1989, the third of a… Continue Reading

RFK Stadium, Washington D.C., June 10, 1973

A ridiculously long show, clocking in at an insane 4 hours and 35 minutes. This monster took place in the summer of ’73, when long shows were part of the norm for The Grateful Dead. They played three huge sets this day, the second of two double-bills they played with the Allman Brothers Band. I… Continue Reading

Sports Palace, Barcelona, Spain: October 19, 1981

One from the early 80’s-era, and the first featured show on The Dead Zone from outside the U.S. This show in Barcelona was the last of 14 European dates the Grateful Dead played in October before heading back stateside to finish out 1981. During our show on JEMP Radio, we highlighted most of the second… Continue Reading

War Memorial Stadium, Buffalo, NY: May 9, 1977

May, 1977. For Grateful Dead fans, there’s probably one particular show that comes to mind. Of course, the Barton Hall show from Cornell University on May 8th, considered by many to be “the show.” It certainly was “a show,” and a great one, to boot. But the entire Spring ’77 run was riddled with great… Continue Reading

The Ark, Boston, MA: April 23, 1969

One of the things I love most about the Grateful Dead is when non-fans ask, “How can you listen to the same song so many times?” My answer varies, but most often, it’s a variation of, “It’s NOT the same song.” Depending on which version of any given song you listen to, you may get… Continue Reading