Oakland Coliseum Arena: December 28, 1988


Another hometown show from the Bay Area legends. If you’re a longtime fan and listener of the Dead, you know their live shows spanned a wide range of moods… Some shows definitely delved into the weird and dark, others were lively and upbeat. This late-80’s nugget from Oakland was definitely the latter, with more staples than a grade school bulletin board. It’s a fantastic matrix mix, too – one of the best I’ve heard on the archive.

For this installment of The Dead Zone, we featured almost all of Set 2, opening with a solid “China/Rider” and “Estimated Prophet,” and careening through “He’s Gone.” After the “Drums/Space” break, they reemerge with “Uncle John’s Band,” and a killer double-whammy of “I Need a Miracle” and “Foolish Heart.”

As always, the rest of the show is definitely pretty spectacular, and a great example of how much fun a Grateful Dead show can be when the boys are firing on all pistons. Check it out below.

The Dead Zone is a weekly one hour (or so) internet show highlighting live Grateful Dead shows through the ages. We feature shows from the earliest days straight through the last dates in the mid-90’s. We definitely have our favorites, and we know you have yours, too. We haven’t heard ’em all, but we’d sure like to try, so if you have a favorite show you’d like us to feature on a future show, e-mail brett@thedead.zone today.

Photo by travis forden used under the following license.

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