About The Dead Zone with Brett Slater


I’m Brett Slater, and I’ve been a Grateful Dead fan since my college years in the early 90’s. (I’m guessing I’m not the only person for whom that statement is accurate.) My first show was September 25, 1991 at the old Boston Garden, and my last was June 25, 1995 at RFK Stadium in Washington DC, only a couple weeks before the Soldier Field shows that would end (temporarily, as it turns out) their legendary run. I may have been late to the party compared to a lot of Deadheads, but I’m no less passionate about the music. So when the guys at JEMP Radio asked me in the fall of 2014 if I’d produce a weekly show that would highlight some of those superlative moments from the Grateful Dead’s vast and storied live show archive, I responded with an enthusiastic, “Sure.”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize archive.org for their massive catalog of live Dead shows. It’s a far cry more convenient than the glory days of tape-trading, isn’t it? I’ve lost hours perusing the Archive’s archives, revisiting some of the classic shows, and exploring some of those less familiar jams.

New episodes of The Dead Zone air Friday afternoons at 2pm Eastern, and are rebroadcast throughout the weekend and the coming week.

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