Miami Arena, Miami, FL: October 26, 1989


Another week, another sneak-preview treat from next month’s 30 Trips Around the Sun box set… This week’s featured show was the last night of 1989’s fall tour, from Miami Arena. And we found a great, GREAT mix of the show online, too. Easily one of, if not THE best, “Dark Star” jams of the period. The whole show is pretty solid, in addition. Enjoy the jam.


Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO: March 18, 1971

Exploring the shows on the upcoming 30 Trips Around the Sun box set has admittedly been quite a treat. All the shows to be included are previously unreleased, true, but they’re available on… So, while maybe not optimum by way of sound quality, most are still very listenable. And besides, isn’t there something kinda… Continue Reading

Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI: May 14, 1978

Our first featured show from ’78 is another from the 30 Trips box set… A fast-paced tear through the second half of Set 2 from the Providence Civic Center. A pretty straightforward “Estimated Prophet” gives way to the fastest “Eyes of the World” I’ve ever heard, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less cerebral. “Not… Continue Reading

Boston Garden, Boston, MA: October 1, 1994

A sentimental favorite, here, and another show from another year featured in the upcoming Dead box set 30 Trips Around the Sun. This was the last show I saw with the other three members of my own “Core Four” in college, pictured above. And truth told, this was the last great Dead show I saw.… Continue Reading

Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario: March 20, 1992

Another featured show from the upcoming 30 Trips Around the Sun box set to be released this fall. I have another show from Copps Coliseum from March 1990 in my collection, and I thought this was that show… Mixed up my dates, but it was quite serendipitous, for what I thought was a show I’d… Continue Reading

San Diego Int’l Sports Arena, San Diego, CA: November 14, 1973

Our first Dead Zone post/episode in the PFTW era (Post-Fare Thee Well)… I thoroughly enjoyed every last note of the Chicago shows, with Friday being my favorite night of the run… My wife and I went to a local theater that showed the simulcast, and had an absolute blast… It was a right-sized crowd, and… Continue Reading

Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, ME: July 3, 1988

Big week for us Deadheads, huh? The scuttle all week has been Fare The Well… Two shows in Santa Clara, and this weekend’s triple-whammy in Chicago. At this writing, I’m hours from heading “in ta town” to the State Theatre in Portland, Maine to join the other Deadheads of Maine to watch the simulcast of… Continue Reading

Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT: September 24, 1972

For The Grateful Dead, 1972 was a year punctuated by their renowned Europe ’72 concerts. So I thought it was pretty cool that the powers that be selected a stateside show for inclusion on the upcoming 30 Trips Around the Sun box set. Although it’s probably not too surprising, as the Europe shows have been… Continue Reading

Dream Bowl, Vallejo, CA, February 22, 1969

From what I’ve read online, the Dream Bowl in Vallejo, California was a dance hall which was hugely popular through the 40’s and 50’s, and by the 60’s was starting to lose some of said popularity. Several psychedelic 60’s bands booked a run of gigs early in 1969, including Santana, It’s a Beautiful Day, and… Continue Reading